Next Everyman session: Wednesday 20th December, 2017 – doors 7pm…

Please reserve your table(s) by phoning the Everyman box office: 0151 709 4776.

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Next session: Wednesday, December 20th, featuring virtuoso guitarist, Garry Potter.

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Autumn promo trailer: https://vimeo.com/232054632

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December 20 – Internationally-acclaimed guitar maestro, Garry Potter.
January 3 – An evening of live jazz featuring our 6-piece house band, guests, jam session.
January 17 – Super vocalist/saxophonist, Rosie Harrison.
February 7 – An evening of live jazz featuring our 6-piece house band, guests, jam session.
February 21 – Sax maestro, Mike Smith.

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Big thanks to our super-creative photographer friend, John Middleton for capturing these images from our session on June 7.

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Our session on May 17 featured the world-class saxophonist, Alan Barnes. We had a ball! Thanks so much to Alan, to the many jam session guests and especially to the wonderfully appreciative audience.
alan barnes -crop-u2287

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Our session on April 19 featured the sensational vocalist, Emma Holcroft.

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Thanks to Made in Liverpool TV for
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Our session on February 15th we featured the great saxophonist Albie Donnelly (Supercharge). Thanks to all involved - and ESPECIALLY to the highly appreciative packed house!
Albie Donnelly

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We held a fantastic session on 16th November when trumpet player JAMIE BROWNFIELD was our special guest. Thanks to all who performed and to the audience. Yet another full house!jamie_collage

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World-renowned guitarist, GARY POTTER was our special guest at the Everyman on October 19. A fully-packed Everyman Bistro were massively appreciative of this amazing (and mega-friendly) virtuoso musician. Photos, by Mark Philips are

Garry Potter – October 19

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Our very special guest on Wednesday, 17 August was the mega-talented young vocalist, George Gallagher. He recently won the BBC ONE television award on the 'Frank Sinatra: Our Way' competition – resulting in national music industry recognition and a sell out performance in London – and a STANDING OVATION at the Everyman.

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We enjoyed an amazing session on August 3. Sophie from Switzerland (11) blew the roof off the Everyman with her trombone/trumpet pyrotechnics. Thanks to super-photographer John Middleton for his great shots.

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Everyman Theatre, 5-11 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BQ.
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We have sessions on the first and third Wednesdays of every month and play from 7.30pm to 11pm. The house band consists of Stan Williams (trumpet), John Padfield (sax, clarinet, flute), Andrew MacKenzie (trombone/vocal), David Fishel (piano), Grant Russell (bass), Ed Hannaby (drums, vocal). Each session features sets by the house band followed by a free-for-all jam session!
Hoping to see you in Hope Street on
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017!